Pink’s “My Attic” Lyrics Meaning

An attic is an upper part of a home where items are usually kept for long-term storage. But in this song, Pink is rather using the term to allude to her own mind. In other words, ‘her attic’ is the part of her soul where her secrets – and indeed true personality – are hidden. And the person she seems to be addressing specifically is a romantic interest. 

And basically, what she is saying is that she hopes they get close enough that one day she would let him into her attic. Or another way of looking at it is that Pink wants her current sweetheart to prove himself to be someone she can truly trust. Indeed the lyrics read as if she actually needs someone in her life whom she can share her pent-up mysteries and emotions with, despite simultaneously expressing a fear that doing so may scare him away. 

So conclusively, it seems that the singer has already been successful in terms of obtaining a romantic partner. But beyond that, what she truly requires is for such an individual to also prove to be a true friend.

Lyrics of "My Attic"

Did Pink write “My Attic”?

No, she did not. “My Attic” was written by songwriters Ilsey and Freddy Wexler. The pair wrote this song along with the prolific singer/songwriter Julia Michaels.

And the track was produced by the musical duo The Struts.

Date of Release

RCA Records released “My Attic” as part of Pink’s album “Hurts 2B Human” on 26 April 2019.

Was “My Attic” a single?

No. Pink’s “Hurts 2B Human” produced just three singles. And they are as follows:

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