“I’m Not Dead” by Pink

Pink’s “I’m Not Dead” deeply depicts the singer’s decision to hold on to a loved one despite his wavering love. Here, Pink is fully aware that her partner is not as committed as she is. But despite that she holds on to the hope that he will always returns to her. From her point of view, there will definitely be disagreements and pain in their relationship, however she is strong enough to hold tight and not lose herself in the moment.

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Pink expresses that she never seemed to care about other people’s opinions but her partners. The said relationship appears to be on a break, yet this is not the first time. She goes on to assure her lover that she is still floating and not dead, to signify that she’s ready to take him back once again. While several people will be uncomfortable with such an unsteady partner, she convinces him that she’s not scared to get hurt and will stay afloat.

Her assertion that she is not dead, but floating implies that she has not given up on them and will not let their love drown in the pain and hurt, because he gives her the hope she needs.

Lyrics of "I'm Not Dead"

Release of “I’m Not Dead”

This is the title song from Pink’s fourth album and serves as the second track on its playlist. It was released with the rest of the project on 4 April 2006.

On that album also appears Pink’s 2006 smash hit “Stupid Girls“. Actually that song was released as the album’s first single.

Did Pink write this song?

“I’m Not Dead” was co-written and co-produced by Pink’s regular collaborator, Billy Mann. The singer worked with Billy on the lyrics, and Al Clay is the other producer.

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