“All I Know So Far” by Pink

The easiest way to describe Pink’s “All I Know So Far”, even though it does have its perplexing moments, is as one of those us-against-the-world kind of songs. And judging by the cover art, that ‘us’ would be Pink and her daughter, Willow Sage Hart, the latter of whom we’ve been familiar with for some time.

And for the most part, these kinds of stories always feature the same kind of premise, whether it be a romance or the love of a mother for her child. And that is the narrator, who was “born a renegade”, being some type of a loner or outcast. 

But the second verse implies that she did fully give in to relationships in the past. However, the people she dealt with proved to be less faithful.

So let’s say that the vocalist has experienced her fair share of heartbreak, fear and confusion. She is well-tenured in the walk of life, so to speak. However, she isn’t pretending that she knows how to conquer all, as in being able to show someone else, i.e. the addressee, how to do so. However, she does have some pieces of advice she wishes to relay. And broken down, this is how it goes.

Narrator’s advice to Addressee

First, she wants her “baby girl” to know that depression doesn’t last forever. Second, there’s really no way of instantly telling real friends from the sheisty ones. 

But the main piece of advice, as in what the chorus is centered on, is based on an ideology of staying resilient.

The addressee is being advised to remain strong even when going through persecution and hardship. And by operating under such a mode, she would have mastered the art of “(living) like your life is on the line”, which reads sort of like living life to its fullest. 

And along those same lines she should confront problems head-on, i.e. “unfiltered and loud”. So at the end day, after overcoming the ordeal, she can do so with pride. And that philosophy, in all, is the culmination of “all” of the lessons the singer has learned “so far” in life.

Then going back to the sentiment expressed at the beginning of this article, the bridge centers on the singer declaring that she “will be with” the addressee “till the world blows up”. 

Considering the rest of the passage, that’s basically another way of the vocalist letting this person know that she will be there through thick and thin. Moreover if they stay together, they will make it to the end.


So as you can see there’s a whole lot going on in this song, philosophical even. And, concerning the lessons’ part, that is just our theory of what Pink is putting forth. But as far as her commitment to the addressee goes, that aspect of the story is glaringly clear. 

The narrator may not be the best at imparting lessons, but she is committed to the person she is imparting them to. And that, by the way, also happens to be the thesis sentiment of “All I Know So Far”. It is basically a humbled-minded though hard-nosed character expressing her unwavering commitment to a loved one.

Pink's "All I Know So Far" Lyrics

Release of “All I Know So Far”

This is the title track from a 2021 documentary entitled “Pink: All I Know So Far”. 

The release date of the song itself is 7 May 2021.


Pink wrote this song alongside Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. And the producer of the track is the widely-utilized Greg Kurstin.

As at the release of this tune, Pink is 41 years old. And the aforementioned Willow Sage, who was born in 2011 and is the songstress’s firstborn, is nine years old. Moreover, the child also plays a prominent role in the aforementioned documentary. And we are familiar with her because she has participated on some of Pink’s tracks in the past. One such notable song of the mother and daughter working together is on the song “Cover Me in Sunshine“.


Pink has been in the game for a minute, dropping her first album, “Can’t Take Me Home”, in 2000. She was well-received from the jump but was sort of a late bloomer, at least as far as Billboard is concerned, as she didn’t top the Billboard 200 until her sixth studio album, “The Truth About Love” (2012). 

Then she replicated the feat with her next two projects, “Beautiful Trauma” (2017) and “Hurts 2B Human” (2019). Those two also reached the pinnacle of the UK Albums Chart. And just to note, there’s a full-length associated with this very project entitled “All I Know So Far: Setlist”, of which this song is once again the title track. However, that undertaking is a live, not studio, album.

Pink has also topped the Billboard Hot 100 a handful times to date (i.e. as of early 2021). Twice she did so as a soloist, with 2008’s “So What” and 2010’s “Raise Your Glass”.

All I Know So Far

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