“Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” by Pink

In “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”, Pink is practically tired of being in a traumatic relationship and decides to end it all. She asks her partner to blow her one last kiss because she believes their affair did not work out.

Pink mentions phrases/words like “white knuckles”, “headache” and “sweaty palms” as metaphors to describe how hard she has tried to fight for love, but found it to be rather stressful. In the chorus, she bares it all by confessing to her partner that she’s had enough and calls it quits. She’s confident about her choice and quite mad about the situation. However, she remains calm with the thought that she is now free to live the life she pleases, free of all the stress and lies. Although she does not reveal how, the singer seems to be certain that her ex will suffer for causing her pain, leaving in a bitter mood.

Pink on “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”

When the Rolling Stone asked Pink about where she got all the vitriol for the song from, the singer explained that she was consumed by her emotions.

Lyrics Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

Chart Performance of “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”

“Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” peaked at number 5 in America (i.e. the famous Hot 100). In Britain, it made it to spot 3 on the famed UK Singles Chart. Furthermore, it scored a number 1 in Australia, Hungary and Scotland.

Moreover other countries in which it made the top 5 are as follows:

  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Czech Republic
  • Japan
  • Luxembourg
  • Mexico
  • Poland

 In other words “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” was a huge international success, going multi-Platinum in Australia and Canada. Furthermore, it went on to grab a notable number of certified sales in a bunch of other countries.

When did Pink release “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”?

She and her management released this hit on 3 July 2012. It was the lead single from her sixth album “The Truth About Love”.

Actually it was initially scheduled to come out a week later, on 9 July 2012, but a leak of the track compelled Pink and co. to drop the song earlier.

First Live Performance

The first time Pink performed “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” live was during 2012’s MTV Video Music Awards. This event took place on 6 September of that year.

Below is the video of Pink publicly performing the song live for the very first time. She performed it along with another global hit of hers titled “Get the Party Started“.

Did Pink write “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”?

Yes. But Pink didn’t handle the song’s composition all by herself. She collaborated with a team of songwriters to complete this song. The other members of the team include:

  • Isaac Brock
  • Dann Gallucci
  • Eric Judy

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