“Summer Love” by Rudimental & Rita Ora

“Summer Love” is a collaboration between the British musical acts Rudimental and Rita Ora. As the title implies, this is a song purely about romance. On the track, the singer (Rita Ora) is very satisfied with the affection she is receiving from her partner. She is so much in love that she vows to dedicate her very life to him so long as she receives the same level of commitment in return. She then expresses her desire to have him constantly by her side.

In fact being with him is such a euphoric experience which according to her is similar to taking a powerful drug.  After all is said and done, the singer is highly confident that she and her lover could overcome any obstacle they may possibly face in life.


Facts about “Summer Love”

  • Ora and Rudimental wrote Summer Love” with Roméo Testa and Yogi.
  • Yogi and Rudimental produced this track. FYI: Yogi is a music production and songwriting duo.
  • November 23, 2018 saw the formal release of this track.
  • The track can be found on two albums. The first one being Ora’s second studio album called Phoenix. The second one being Rudimental’s 2019 album titled Toast to Our Differences. The record in question is Rudimental’s third studio album.
  • Before working on “Summer Love”, Rudimental had never made a song with Rita Ora. This therefore marked the first time both musical acts were collaborating.
  • Despite it’s November 2018 release, Ora first performed this track live on May 28, 2018. The performance took place during the 2018 BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend musical festival in the United Kingdom.

Was “Summer Love” released as a single?

Yes, it was. Upon its release, it became Rudimental’s fourth single for the year 2018. It was also Ora’s fourth single release of 2018. Her previous single was the hit “Let You Love Me“. Both “Summer Love” and “Let You Love Me” are singles from Ora’s album Phoenix.


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