Meaning of “R.I.P.” by Sofia Reyes Ft. Rita Ora & Anitta

“R.I.P.” is an international effort that features Sofia Reyes from Mexico, Rita Ora from the United Kingdom and Anitta via Brazil. And accordingly, the song is sung in three different languages – Spanish, English and Portuguese.

R.I.P., as we all know, is a farewell greeting we usually give to someone who has passed away. But in this case the artists are saying farewell to lies, drama and other interpersonal aspects of their lives which they deem detrimental. Furthermore, they are saying goodbye to the people who perpetrate these issues. And all of these undesirable matters and individuals combined are collectively classified by the trio as “bulls**t”, and the homegirls are doing away with it all.

R.I.P. lyrics

Indeed all of the drama they are experiencing is causing them to lose interest in the associates who bring it. So now they are terminating those relationships. They also advise the listening audience to follow their lead by not to enduring such treatment, because when all is said and done, they know that, like themselves, we also desire a life filled with “good vibes”

So in all, the purpose of this song is to inspire people going through similar issues to basically forsake those who prove detrimental to their personal development. Simply put, they are saying farewell to all forms of bulls**t.

Facts about “R.I.P.”

  • Songwriter(s): At least 9 songwriters, including the songs primary artists Sofia Reyes and Rita Ora, are given songwriting credits on this track.
  • Producer(s): The American record production duo, The Fliptones produced “R.I.P.”. It’s important to mention that the duo also received writing credit on the song.
  • Release Date: “R.I.P.” came out as a single on the 15th of March, 2019.
  • 1st Interesting Stuff: Sofia Reyes is the lead artist on this song whereas Ora and Anitta are featured artists. As a lead artist, “R.I.P.” became Reye’s first release for 2019. As featured artist, it was also Ora’s first for 2019. As for Anitta, it was her fourth (as featured artist) for 2019.
  • 2nd Interesting Stuff: “R.I.P.” marked the first time all three singers (Reyes, Anitta and Ora) collaborated together.

Who sings the background in “R.I.P.”?

The background vocals on this tune are provided by American singer and songwriter Ali Tamposi. It’s necessary to mention that Tamposi also contributed writing to “R.I.P.”.

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