“Kiwi” by Harry Styles

“Kiwi” centers on the singer’s romantic relationship with a woman whom we can say has wild, loose sort of lifestyle. Some analysts have described her character as being a femme fatale. However, there isn’t anything in the lyrics which state that she is out to harm the singer per se. Rather the way the narrative plays out is that he hooked up with her, in an intimate sense, even though his mind was telling him not to. The reason being is that she proved to be too attractive for him to resist. And at the end of the day, what apparently happens in the aftermath is that she claims she is pregnant with his baby. And this is despite she apparently being involved with at least one other guy.

Are the lyrics of “Kiwi” autobiographical?

So being that Harry Styles is a mega celebrity, fans have gone about analyzing the lyrics of “Kiwi” and trying to ascertain who exactly this lady he is referring to is. The most-plausible theory has been a popular model named Georgia Fowler whom Harry is rumored to have once hooked up with. And the reason some fans believe so, in addition to their alleged fling, is that she is from New Zealand, thus making her a Kiwi, as that’s what people from that part of the world are commonly referred to.

But at the end of the day, Fowler herself has more or less refuted this idea. Moreover, being that the word “kiwi” is never actually mentioned in the lyrics, for all we know Harry could be talking about the fruit or even bird instead, which is how some fans have gone about interpreting it. And in his own explanation of the song, he has stated that it “started out as a joke”. So even if it was originally based on an actual person, the implication is that by the time the lyrics were finished there was a lot of fiction added to “Kiwi” also.


So conclusively, this song is simply meant to be an interesting tale of the singer being smitten by the wrong woman. And even though she claims he impregnated her, she is not trying to use the accusation as a means to exploit him. Rather what she basically tells him is that she doesn’t want him in her life nor in the life of the child.

Lyrics of "Kiwi"

Facts about “Kiwi”

This song came out, via Columbia Records, Sony Music Entertainment and Erskine Records, on 12 May 2017. It is a track that appears on Harry Style’s maiden album, which is also entitled “Harry Styles”. And later it was also issued as the third single from that project.

The music video to “Kiwi” was directed by a duo known as Us. This duo consists of filmographers Luke Taylor and Chris Barrett.

The song proved to be quite successful, charting in nearly 10 countries including the UK, US, Mexico, New Zealand and Slovakia.

It has also been certified Platinum in Australia.

“Kiwi” was produced by the following producers:

  • Jeff Bhasker
  • Tyler Johnson
  • Alex Salibian

And the trio also co-wrote the song in conjunction with Ryan Nasci, Mitch Rowland and Styles.

During a performance in London in 2017, Harry Styles had a near accident after someone threw a kiwi (the fruit) on stage. And in response a certain store in Manchester which was adjacent to one of his later performances banned customers under 25 years of age from buying kiwifruit when he was coming to town.

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  1. Isabelle says:

    Just saying but I love when the songs are about a female… no one seems to have any input on what they mean but when he doesn’t put a pronoun in the song it’s horrible for people to assume it’s about a female and it all becomes about ‘Larry’ or ‘Zarry’ or him liking a man. I think we should stop trying to figure out who the song is about and more or less what it’s about.

    • Faith says:

      You totally put this perfectly, and I agree! Although I am a fellow ‘Larry’ shipper sometimes it really is just better to sit back and enjoy the amazing music he is willing to create for his fans…sometimes people just need to calm down :p

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