Meaning of “Two Ghosts” by Harry Styles

“Two Ghosts” is a song by English singer and songwriter Harry Styles of One Direction fame. The song’s lyrics center on a short-lived romantic relationship. Many have suggested that the song is about American singer Taylor Swift who was in a short-lived romantic relationship with Styles in the latter part of 2012.

In a May 2017 interview Styles had on BBC Radio 1 with presenter/DJ Nick Grimshaw, the issue of whether the song was about Swift or not came up. Styles answered the question in a very evasive way – neither confirming nor denying the song being about his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift.

“It’s pretty self-explanatory” were the words Styles said when Grimshaw asked if the song was about Swift. And even though Grimshaw pushed Styles further for a concrete answer, he still refused confirming the rumors of the song being about his former girlfriend.

All in all, the lyrics of “Two Ghost” are about a breakup.


Lyrics of Two Ghosts by Harry Styles

Facts about “Two Ghosts”

  • The track was written by Styles along with four other songwriters, namely Mitch Rowland, Julian Bunetta, John Ryan (also known as JRY) and Tyler Johnson.
  • “Two Ghosts” was produced by Alex Salibian, Jeff Bhasker and the song’s cowriter Tyler Johnson.
  • The track was officially released on August 7th, 2017 as the second single from Styles’ debut studio album titled Harry Styles.
  • In addition to singing the main vocals on the track, Styles also sang the background vocals.
  • The song wasn’t hugely successful on the charts. On the UK Singles Chart, it only managed to peak at number 58.
  • No music video was made for this song.



Below is a video of Styles performing “Two Ghosts” live in the studio:


Does the song contain any lyrics that make specific references to Taylor Swift?

The line “Same lips red, same eyes blue” is what many claim to be referring to Swift since the singer not only has beautiful blue eyes but also loves wearing red lipstick.

Did “Two Ghosts” receive a Grammy Award?

No. The song didn’t get a Grammy nomination despite the fact that it was eligible to receive one at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards since it was released in August 2017.

Does the song contain a sample?

No, it doesn’t.

Has singer Taylor Swift said anything about this song?

No. And it’s not likely she would considering the fact that Styles hasn’t confirmed the song is about her.

What musical genre is “Two Ghosts”?

It is purely a folk rock song/ballad.

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