Meaning of “Kpop” by Freeze Corleone

In “Kpop”, Freeze Corleone heavily utilizes hard-hitting lyrics and a vibrant energy to showcase his mastery in the rap scene. He makes a plethora of pop culture and contemporary references, aligning himself with notorious figures and displaying a sense of rebellion against big music labels like Universal, Sony, and Warner Group.

He likens himself to powerful and iconic personalities, dropping names like Messi, Maradona, and Akira, and even goes as far as to say that he’s steering clear of mainstream rap which he compares to Kpop.

Corleone uses vivid imagery, comparing writing lyrics to drawing pictures and makes numerous references to the drug scene and high-speed lifestyles with lines referring to Porsche brakes and doing 280 on the highway.

The second verse continues the braggadocio style with shoutouts to other influential people while maintaining a rebellious, against-the-grain stance. Corleone sheds light on his lifestyle with the use of drug references and a raw depiction of his experiences and background, talking about starting from the bottom in the mud.

He calls out other rappers, advising one to retire like Hazard, a reference to the footballer Eden Hazard, and comparing the current state of rap to the pop-centric K-pop. The repeated refrain emphasizes his disdain for the current rap scene, a call for more authenticity and hard-hitting lyrics, closing with the assertive “20-23, it’s the attack of the clones,” suggesting that he brings something unique to a scene filled with copycats.

“J’écris comme si j’fais des dessins (Han), ils ont cru qu’on était des singes (Ah, ah)
T’avais percé mais t’as dé-pop (Merde), le rap ressemble à d’la Kpop (Merde)”

When was “Kpop” released?

This song, released on September 11 of 2023, appears as the seventh track on Corleone’s second album titled “ADC”.

Writing & Production

The entire writing credit for the song goes to Corleone. However, production was done by a collaborative effort from the following artists:

  • Narcos
  • Ryu
  • Flem
  • Skuna & Ken

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