Meaning of “Shavkat” by Freeze Corleone

In the song “Shavkat,” Freeze Corleone uses heavy braggadocio to paint a picture of his lifestyle and ambitions. He refers to flashy cars with “J’arrive Japonais comme des RAV4,” likening himself to a Japanese RAV4, a reference to a type of car, to illustrate his arrival on the scene with something fresh and new. There are continuous mentions of money as “M,” which stands for millions, showing his focus on wealth and high-end cars like “AMG,” “RS,” and “Pack M.”

He also hints at a readiness for battle, referring to having techniques like those of Khamzat and Shavkat, and mentioning weapons and violence to emphasize his toughness. He speaks about distrust and the need to keep an eye out for betrayal within his circle, underlining the theme of vigilance in a harsh environment.

In addition to flaunting wealth and showcasing his street wisdom, Freeze Corleone doesn’t shy away from controversial statements, levying criticism and accusations towards various entities including the French government, which he refers to disparagingly. The lyrical narrative navigates through his disdain for certain individuals, expressing it with raw and at times harsh language.

He also references his Congolese background with “S/o Congo derrière les platines,” highlighting his heritage. Moreover, he touches upon the themes of drug use and a continuous hustle to earn more money, maintaining a high-energy and assertive demeanor throughout the track.

The repetitive refrain emphasizes his unyielding focus on wealth, showcasing a lifestyle surrounded by luxury cars and a dedication to making money, no matter the day of the week.

“J’arrive Japonais comme des RAV4 (Sku), flingue comme des HK (Pah), cons’ plein d’essence comme des H4
Sécurise le sac, du cash dans chaque cache, j’ai les techniques des Khamzat et des Shavkat (Han)”

When was “Shavkat” released?

“Shavkat” is the title of the third track on “ADC”, which is the second studio album of French rapper Freeze Corleone. The song was released on July 24 of 2023.

Writing and Production

Corleone composed this track with other songwriters namely Therapy 2093 and Flem. The latter two were also responsible for producing the song.  


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