Meaning of “Bill Clinton” by Freeze Corleone

In “Bill Clinton”, Freeze Corleone leverages a slew of pop culture and political references to craft a narrative surrounding his success and influence in the rap game. Right off the bat, Corleone compares his accomplishments to executing a mission impossible like “Ethan Hunt,” a nod to the protagonist in the Mission: Impossible movie series.

He frequently uses hyperbolic language, boasting about monumental levels of consumption and alluding to having a substantial influence in the industry, somewhat exaggeratedly claiming to have “more kids in the rap game than in Bill Clinton’s basement.” Notably, he mentions feeling like “Gucci Mane in the Trap House 3 era,” signaling a peak period in his career and indicating that he is at the top of his game, just like Gucci was during that period.

Throughout the song, Corleone sheds light on his prominence in the industry, showing a no-holds-barred attitude towards his rap career.

Adding to his dominant narrative, Corleone throws in references to known figures such as Charles Pasqua, a controversial French politician known for his stringent policies, and Gucci Mane, a prominent figure in the trap music genre, aligning himself with strong, if contentious, figures to emphasize his own potency in the rap industry.

The lyrics are laden with gaming and sports references, mentioning playing “Minecraft” and feeling like “Kratos at Ragnarok,” which denote a strategic and powerful approach to his craft. The “gas, methane, blunt” refrain hints at a lifestyle of excess and indulgence.

Bill Clinton

Meanwhile, the mention of “Bill Clinton” seems to be a provocative and controversial reference, perhaps aiming to draw on conspiracy theories to craft a stark image of his dominance and influence in the rap world.

“Gas, méthane, blunt (Gas)
Mission impossible réussie comme Ethan Hunt (Ethan)
F–k ces négros comme Charles Pasqua
J’me sens comme Gucci Mane époque Trap House 3 (Gucci)
J’arrive, j’avoisine les dix mille tonnes (dix mille)
J’consomme plus que dix big Lincoln (dix)
Dans l’rap jeu, j’ai plus d’enfants que dans les sous-sols de chez Bill Clinton (Bill)”

When was this released?

“Bill Clinton” is a song on Freeze Corleone’s sophomore album named “ADC”. This track was officially issued in September 2023. It is the ninth song on the album’s playlist.

Songwriters and Producers

Corleone wrote this track with support from its producers. The producers are:

  • Flem
  • Rayane Beats
  • Gouap
Bill Clinton

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