Meaning of “Amérique du Sud” by Freeze Corleone

On “Amérique du Sud”, Freeze Corleone uses strong and confrontational language. He calls out several individuals and entities like Skyrock radio and its executives, portraying his disdain for them. He claims to be as ferocious on the mic, with “draconian” techniques.

Freeze Corleone also mentions his readiness to hide “in the bled” (referring to his homeland) if things heat up too much, drawing a parallel to Nazis fleeing to South America. He uses a lot of slang and references to popular culture, showing a deep connection with the contemporary urban environment and issues.

“Si ça chauffe trop, j’me coffre au bled, comme les nazis en Amérique du Sud (Eh)
J’arrive raciste comme les flics du nord (Han), j’arrive raciste comme les flics du sud
Chaque jour, quatre kamas matinals, j’ai la vista comme La Maquina
Sous tosé’, j’sens pas la moitié d’mon visage comme Conway la Machina”

Indeed “Amérique du Sud” references a lot of contentious and provocative themes including racism, the abuse scandal in the Catholic church, and controversies surrounding certain public figures, aiming sharp criticism at them.

He portrays himself as someone who faces the same issues as famous personalities, referring to mental health problems and being under scrutiny. He is presenting himself as quite combative, comparing himself to aggressive individuals and stating that he operates on a different level – one that is beyond the reach and understanding of many.

The constant mention of “racist” seems to be used more for shock value and as a metaphor rather than a literal admission of being racist.

“Amérique du Sud” ends with a vivid image of his high-end lifestyle, filled with branded clothing and luxurious cars, indicating a life of wealth and perhaps some excess.

When was “Amérique du Sud” released?

August 25 of 2023 is the official issuance date for “Amérique du Sud”. It appears as the fourth song on Corleone’s second studio album named “ADC”.

Writing & Production

“Amérique du Sud” is credited as written solely by the rapper himself. The song’s production was accomplished by the following record producers:

  • Rayane Beats
  • Flem
  • SHK
Amérique du Sud

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