Meaning of “Isshin Ashina” by Freeze Corleone

In the lyrics of “Isshin Ashina”, Freeze Corleone utilizes braggadocio to emphasize his success and his ambitions. Corleone uses a plethora of references to luxury brands such as Audemars and Moncler, and sporting references to highlight his skill and wealth.

Furthermore, he includes shoutouts to various individuals and nods to different cities, illustrating a lifestyle filled with luxury and high status. Mentioning techniques like that of “Isshin Ashina,” a character known for his swordsmanship from the video game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, he aligns himself with mastery and precision.

The song also has a controversial side, with references to being “racist like in Italy” and the repeated K.K.K in the intro, which are elements that have created a significant amount of controversy surrounding his work.

The outro features a conversation that touches upon the artist positioning himself as a “Nazi in the rap game,” and speaking about drawing inspiration from reading about the Gestapo and the Torah. It portrays a somewhat chaotic approach to discussing serious and heavy topics, including race and war, likening rap to warfare and justifying the use of controversial references as being a part of his artistic expression rooted in knowledge and a deep understanding of the French language.

“J’marche seul dans la vallée d’la mort
J’veux des sous depuis qu’j’suis p’tit avec la morve, cadavre sur cadavre comme si j’ai un deal avec la morgue
Basket foot, j’envoie des lobs , j’arrive en 3D Lock”

Release Date of “Isshin Ashina”

On September 11 of 2023, “Isshin Ashina” was released as the second track from the rapper’s sophomore record “ADC”.

Writing & Production

 Corleone wrote this song along with its producer and mixing engineer Flem.

Isshin Ashina

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