“Pretty Savage” by BLACKPINK

‘Pretty Savage’ is a sassy song that expresses the beauty and assertiveness of BLACKPINK. It’s music video is characterized by stunning visuals, gorgeous costumes, and catchy beats. The lyrics speak of the unique and’ savage’ nature of BLACKPINK. The various members are both stunning and confident. They take great pride in their femininity. However, they are also tough and will not take if from anyone. The well-edited shots give the song its slick, hip feel. The music has bouts of calmness and explosiveness. These give ‘Pretty Savage’ its kick. The combination of these factors makes it a delightful treat for BLACKPINK fans.  

BLACKPINK and their team released ‘Pretty Savage’ in October of 2020. It is track number 3 on BLACKPINK’s THE ALBUM.

“Pretty Savage” enjoyed top-10 status on multiple singles charts in multiple countries, including Singapore, New Zealand and Malaysia. It even achieved the same feat on Billboard’s “World Digital Song Sales” chart.

Did BLACKPINK release “Pretty Savage” as a single?

No. “THE ALBUM” (on which this song appears) was supported by only these singles:

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