“Lovesick Girls” by BLACKPINK

‘Lovesick Girls’ is a cute song about the pains of falling in and out of love. The video fo this tune possesses a hip vibe. This is characterized by attractive visuals and fantastic dance moves. The lyrics are easy to understand and speak of a girl’s innate desires. A pinkish hue encompasses the entire piece. This is meant to symbolize romantic feelings and a sense of attraction to the opposite sex.

BLACKPINK are sending a clear feminine message. They are perfectly fine with being alone. However, they experience the need for love from time to time. This is something that all women can understand and identify with. ‘Lovesick Girls’ is a treat that will undoubtedly be appreciated by fans of BLACKPINK.  

‘Lovesick Girls’ was released by K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK on October 2, 2020. It is one of the tracks on the group’s “THE ALBUM” studio project.

‘Lovesick Girls’ was a major hit. It peaked at number 1 on Billboard‘s US World Digital Sales Song Chart. It was also a top 5 hit on Billboard‘s Global 200 Chart.

‘Lovesick Girls’ has elements of country music with guitar and retro styles. The voices of BLACKPINK enhance the song and contribute to its broader appeal.  

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