“Bet You Wanna” by BLACKPINK (ft. Cardi B)

‘Bet You Wanna’ is a song that expresses romantic energy and joy. BLACKPINK and Cardi B nail their portions exceptionally. Cardi B’s rap segments are cleaner than her usual body of work. The lyrics speak of how a girl is so attractive to a guy that his emotions get elevated. ‘Bet You Wanna’ is a simple piece that is bound to appeal to fans and casual listeners. 

‘Bet You Wanna’ was released by K-POP girl group BLACKPINK in October of 2020. It is a product of the group’s studio album THE ALBUM. On the day of its release, it enjoyed approximately 4.713 million views on Spotify alone. It became the 2nd most streamed song in the first 24 hours of its unveiling. 

It marked BLACKPINK’s first ever collaboration with rap superstar Cardi B.

Was this a single from “THE ALBUM”?

No. “THE ALBUM”, which is the group’s maiden Korean language studio project, produced the following singles:

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