“Lean Back” by Terror Squad (ft. Fat Joe and Remy Ma)

Fat Joe is a rapper who verily and truly grew up in the ‘hood and accordingly was caught up in the youth culture of that environment. And during the first verse of “Lean Back”, he is verifying that he had in fact engaged in a number of criminal ventures before making it as a rapper. 

Remy Ma buttresses this idea by pointing out that she runs with real-life, gun-toting street gangstas. 

Then Don Cartagena comes back with the third verse, which is made most-notable by him pointing out that certain musical acts who are not genuinely gangsta have now formed the habit of throwing up gang signs. This is a lead-in to the general idea that some people, like Fat Joe, are truly about that life, while others aren’t. 

So yes, “Lean Back”, title and all, does sound like a dance song. But in terms of its actual lyrics outside of the chorus itself, what this track is really about is the gangsta lifestyles of the artists.

Facts about “Lean Back”

The chorus of this song references a dance known as “the Rockaway”.

This was Terror Squad’s greatest hit. It topped the prestigious Billboard Hot 100 and overall charted in over a dozen nations.

By the time this song was released, a few years after the death of Big Pun in 2000, Fat Joe was the only member of the original Terror Squad who was still noticeably active.

On June 8th, 2004, “Lean Back” was released as the first single from Terror Squad’s multi platinum album “True Story”.

Fat Joe alongside Remy Ma penned “Lean Back” with its sole producer, Scott Storch. The latter is famed for producing and writing a bunch of hit songs in the 2000s, including 50 Cent’s international hit “Candy Shop“.

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