“Undecided” by Chris Brown

“Undecided” is a song written and performed by American singer and songwriter Chris Brown. As the title of this song suggests, its lyrics see Brown in an indecisive state. He is finding it difficult making a decision about regarding the future of his relationship with a particular woman he’s seeing. This woman, on the other hand, is so into him and wants to have a very meaningful relationship with him. She’s so committed to the relationship that she even hopes to become Brown’s wife. However, Brown is not sure whether he wants to move the relationship to that level.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Chris Brown's Undecided at Lyrics.org.

Presently, the relationship can be said to be at its causal state/level. Brown likes the relationship and the woman. He’s problem is that he’s not sure whether he’s ready for something more serious.

Lyrics of "Undecided"

Facts about “Undecided”

  • In total, at least 10 songwriters (Chris Brown) receive songwriting credits on this track. Some of the other songwriters include singer Shanice and noted record producers Scott Storch and Avedon.
  • Storch produced “Undecided” along with Avedon. Both producers have worked with Chris Brown on multiple tracks. Storch produced Brown’s first global hit single titled “Run It”. That song, which was released in 2005, catapulted Brown into a global superstar. Storch also co-wrote that song.
  • “Undecided” heavily samples the song “I Love Your Smile” by American singer Shanice. Shanice released that song as a single as far back as in 1991. It is for this reason she receives songwriting credit on “Undecided”.
  • Chris Brown released this track under his own record label, CBE, on January 4, 2019. CBE stands for Chris Brown Entertainment.
  • “Undecided” was the first single Brown released in 2019.

On which album does “Undecided” appear?

The song would likely be the lead single from Brown’s 2019 project titled Indigo.

Why haven’t you included the audio/music video of “Undecided” in this post?

First of all, the song wasn’t released with an official music video. Secondly, the lyrics of “Undecided” contain a number of pretty offensive lyrics not suitable for all. We are working on laying our hands on a cleaner version of this track to include in the post. However, the song is available for listening on platforms such as YouTube and Spotify.

Update: Finally we have a clean version of this song!

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  1. Marsalius hart says:

    Awesome lyric song writer i and rapper very cool dude i live here n Mechanicsville Virginia big ups to bro keep going

  2. R. Welsh says:

    Trying to figure out where I’ve heard similar lead in notes. Any ideas, suggestions?

  3. R. Welsh says:

    Song from the 80s, possibly?

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