“What’s Luv?” by Fat Joe (ft. Ashanti & Ja Rule)

The way this storyline of Fat Joe’s “What’s Luv?” reads, succinctly put, is as if he beheld some lady at the club whom he has become infatuated with. Basically he is turned on by the shape of her body as well as her dance moves and basically wants to sleep with her.  However, she already has a romantic partner, i.e. a boyfriend. So what he is asking is ‘what’s love got to do with it?’ Or another way of looking at Joe’s statement is that he does not want to give her the impression that he is actually interested in a serious relationship. Rather he is looking to hook up with her more along the lines of being casual intimate partners. Therefore in his mind, the fact that she is already committed to someone else is a nonfactor.

Facts about “What’s Luv?”

This track is from Fat Joe’s fourth-studio album, which is creatively named “Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E.)”. It came out in February 2002.

The song interpolates Tina Turner’s signature tune, 1984’s “What’s Love Got to Do with It”.

The music video to this track was filmed in Fat Joe’s home borough of the Bronx, specifically at Fordham University. It features some of his Terror Squad homeys – Remy Ma, Tony Sunshine, Armageddon and Prospect. And it also features other guest stars, such as actress Maia Campbell, comedian Tommy Davidson and fellow rappers Treach, as well as a handful of the Outlaw Immortalz.

Ja Rule’s – who was ultra-popular back in those days – contributions are not featured on the original version of this song. Rather he appears on the remix / album cut, which is the rendition most people are familiar with.

This song was a big hit and has gone down in history as one of Fat Joe’s signature tunes.  It topped two Billboard charts (Hot Raps Songs and Rhythmic) in the United States as well as the UK R&B Chart.

On the Billboard Hot 100 itself, it reached all the way to number 2, and on the UK Singles Chart it peaked at number 4. And outside of the US and UK, it charted in over 15 countries, ultimately being certified Gold in the UK and Australia.

It was much later revealed that Jennifer Lopez was originally the intended female vocalist on this song.

This track was produced by Chink Santana alongside Irv Gotti, the latter being Ja Rule and Ashanti’s label boss at the time under Murder Inc. Records.

Irv Gotti and Chink Santana also co-wrote the song alongside Fat Joe, Ja Rule and the late Big Pun (1971-2000).

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