“All the Way Up” by Fat Joe & Remy Ma (ft. French Montana & Infared)

Perhaps the best way to describe the Infrared’s assertion that he’s “all the way up” in more modern colloquial language is as he and his co-vocalists being lit. So we already know beforehand that there’s going to be a braggadocios element to the lyrics. 

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Moreover this track is intended to serve as, according to certain sources, an “uptown anthem”. That means that the vocalists are also using the opportunity to big up their ‘hood, which we know in the case of Fat Joe, Remy Ma and French Montana would in fact be uptown New York City, i.e. the Bronx.

So after Infrared goes about asserting that he’s so lit ‘nothing can stop him’, he and French Montana hold down the refrain. Therein, the latter is more or less presenting himself as a drug dealer. However, more to the point is the idea that he’s paid, and he and his homey are ‘running the game’. Moreover they’re always on the grind. So it’s like whatever it is you need to buy, they’re selling.

Fat Joe

Then, it is Fat Joe who is responsible for holding down the first verse. He spends a lot of it talking about his interactions with “b–ches”, i.e. him not getting too attached to the women he takes home and always being careful that they don’t end up jacking him.

But before all is said and done, after dropping a few references to his wealth and superior standing, he seemingly gives a shoutout to the South Bronx, which if so would actually serve as the only real case of such in the lyrics.

Remy Ma

Meanwhile Remy Ma’s verse is more squarely centered on her wealth. She does a convincing job of presenting herself as a boss chick, not only in terms of generating major paper but also being influential, i.e. up on the latest fashions before they even come out.

In Conclusion

So conclusively whereas there are some serious lyrics being dropped, the general ideas being presented are done so pretty clearly. The vocalists are not only paid but also ‘hood-based.  And in both cases actually, they can be said to be on top of their game. 

They have celebrity or major drug dealer types of incomes, and at the same time, they’re street credibility is very much in effect. So it’s like they’re the sh-t or “all the way up”, as the homeys and homegirl put it. And due to such success and standing as well as their undying tenacity, they are confident that they will continue to be on top into the foreseeable future.

Lyrics of "All the Way Up"

“All the Way Up” Facts

Primary Artist(s): Fat Joe and Remy Ma
Featured Artist(s): French Montana and Infared
Album/EP: “Plata O Plomo” 

Was “All the Way Up” a single release?

Yes. It was the first single from Fat Joe and Remy Ma’s collaborative album, “Plata O Plomo”. March 2 of 2016 was it’s official date of release.

Writing and Production

The song was written by:

  • Fat Joe
  • Remy Ma
  • Shawn Carter
  • Calvin Broadus
  • Mikael Lozach
  • Johan Ishak
  • Jayceon Taylor
  • Park Jae-beom
  • Kalassy Nikoff
  • Earl Stevens

It was produced by the songwriting and music production duo, Cool & Dre.


At the 59th Annual Grammy Awards in the year 2017, “All the Way Up” was nominated for “Best Rap Performance” and “Best Rap Song”. It lost both awards to Chance the Rapper ft. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz’s “No Problem” and “Hotline Bling” by Drake, respectively.

The nominees for “Best Rap Performance” were as follows:

“Best Rap Song” had the following songs to complete the category:

  • “Famous” performed by Kanye West with Rihanna
  • “No Problem” performed by Chance the Rapper ft. Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz
  • “Ultralight Beam” by Kanye West alongside Kelly Price, Chance The Rapper, Kirk Franklin & The-Dream)


“All the Way Up” became French Montana’s 2nd biggest hit in France, Remy Ma’s first ever top 40 hit and Fat Joe’s first top 40 hit after “I Won’t Tell” of 2007.

The song was certified double platinum by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) on March 30 of 2017.

Chart Performance

  • UK – 157
  • US – 27
All the Way Up

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