“Masterpiece” by DaBaby

The title of this song (“Masterpiece”) is actually a reference to DaBaby’s “lil’ b*t*h”, i.e. his girlfriend. And he is celebrating her due to her undying loyalty and willingness to make him happy. But overall, whereas he does talk about their relationship quite extensively, ultimately “Masterpiece” is more braggadocious than romantic in nature. For instance, even biggin’ up his lady serves the roundabout purpose of illustrating how DaBaby has a more-ideal partner than other dudes. 

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And there are also ample references to the artist’s wealth and street life. In fact in the midst of it all, DaBaby even cites the infamous Wal-Mart killing he was involved in 2018.  And in terms of who is actual girlfriend is at the moment, that would be one DaniLeigh, an entertainer in her own right who also appears in the “Masterpiece” music video.

Facts about “Masterpiece”

“Masterpiece” is the first track DaBaby has dropped for the year 2021. It was officially issued, as a standalone single, on 15 January of that year.

And the rapper had teased the track a month prior, on 19 December 2020 via Instagram.

The materialistic music video to this song was directed by an artist(s) named Gemini Visions. The clip features the aforementioned DaniLeigh as well as reportedly some of the musicians – Rich Dunk, Wisdom and Stunna 4 Vegas – which the DaBaby has signed to his Billion Dollar Baby label.

DaBaby wrote “Masterpiece”, being aided in that regard by Justin Thomas, Christopher Torpey and a trending producer at the time, D.A. Got That Dope, with D.A. also producing the track.

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