“Lie” by Lukas Graham

Reportedly the sentiments expressed in “Lie” point back to Lukas Graham’s primary singer’s Lukas Forchhammer’s teenage life. During that time, he was deeply in love with a girl whom he would later get engaged to as an adult. 

But more specifically, this particular period in time was highlighted by them being broken up. And breaking up, his ex-girlfriend started dating another guy. When they did interact with each other, she would tell Lukas that everything between she and this guy is “perfect” and that they have a bright future together. But the singer is able to perceive that such is a “lie”. Instead this is an exercise in self-deception that his ex has been practicing. The truth is that she is actually unhappy, especially considering the fact that she misses the singer himself. 

And whereas we may know that in real life they got back together, the song itself climaxes with the situation between Lukas and the addressee being unresolved, as in she still opting to live this “lie”.

Quick Facts about “Lie”

Being released by the Warner Music Group on 27 September 2019, “Lie” is the first song Lukas Graham dropped during the year 2019.

Lukas Forchhammer wrote “Lie” with the following writers:

  • JRM
  • David LaBrel
  • Rick Parkhouse
  • Don Stefano
  • George Tizzard

 And the track was produced by the following producers:

  • Jussifer
  • Red Triangle

Does this song appear on the band’s “3 (The Purple Album)” album?

No. The album in question, which came out in October 2018, was Lukas Graham’s third. “Lie” was released as the first single from Lukas Graham’s fourth album.

NOTE: As of the date Lukas Graham released this single, not much was known about their fourth studio album. All that was known was that the song came out as the album’s first single. Not even the title nor it’s release date was known.

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