“Say Forever” by Lukas Graham

“Say Forever” is similar in nature to “Never Change”, the one that precedes it on “The Pink Album”, if we are to once again presume that the addressee is the vocalist’s significant other. In other words, the premise of the sentiments being expressed are again revolving around these two parties being a troubled romance.

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However, in this case apparently their relationship is on the verge of coming to its official end. So underneath all of the ruminating Lukas partakes of in relation to that hard reality, what we are basically met with is a somewhat common sentiment as expressed in such ballads. 

And that is the vocalist desiring to spend one final night of peace and love within the arms of his sweetheart, similar to how things were back when their romance was at its peak. Or as Graham poetically puts forth in the chorus, he wants the two of them to “say forever one last time”.

“So if it’s the last song then let’s dance
If it’s the last touch of our hands
What if we can’t do this again?
Let’s hold each other till the end
And if it’s the last night then don’t sleep
If it’s a goodbye then don’t speak
Let’s just pretend it’s all alright
Let’s say forever one last time”
Date of ReleaseWriter(s)Producer(s)Album/EP
20th January, 2023Lukas Forchhammer
Dave Gibson
Noah Conrad
Noah Conrad“4 (The Pink Album)” (2023)
Say Forever

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