“Never Change” by Lukas Graham

The logical implication, even though it’s never specified, is that the addressee of the lyrics is the significant other of the vocalist. And if taken as such, what the latter is primarily speaking to is their dogged commitment to the romance at hand, i.e. the two of them “fight(ing) to stay” committed under circumstances whereas other couples would have already called it quits. And it is that particular characteristic they share which Lukas is celebrating in the title/chorus, furthermore “(hoping) to God” that they “never change” in that regard.

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In other words their relationship is tumultuous yet one they have grown accustomed to. Or as implied in the chorus, remaining together has its challenges, but being that they’re “both insane”, they have come to actually find value in the beef, if you will. And Lukas is hoping that particular disposition remains intact, because if it doesn’t, then by the looks of things this romance will expeditiously fall apart.

So this is very much a love song. However, the relationship it’s celebrating, at this point, is far from what we would generally deem a perfect one.

“I know it’s hard, I know we’re afraid
Bend so far, but we never break
It’s too good to ever walk away
When they all run, wе fight to stay
It’s bittersweet, but we love thе taste
You’re the one thing I can’t shake it
Sometimes I think we’re both insane
But I hope to God we never change”

Never Change” by Lukas Graham

Date of ReleaseWriter(s)Producer(s)Album/EP
20th January, 2023Lukas Forchhammer
маяк (mayak)
WYNNE“4 (The Pink Album)” (2023)
Never Change

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