“Stay Above” by Lukas Graham

The addressee of Lukas Graham’s “Stay Above” comes off as someone whom the vocalist is trying to inspire to live a better, more-upbeat life. It may be that this person is an addict, but either way what is more clearly implied is that they are caught up in some type of lifestyle which minimizes their chances of progression. Meanwhile, the vocalist is more of a positivity thinker.

So maybe the addressee is not on the same type of enthusiastic “bullsh*t” that Lukas is on. But the way the latter sees it, fantastically-optimistic thinking, mixed with “a bit of love”, is something we all need to remain positive and progressive. These are things that he is obviously out to imbue onto the addressee.

Lukas Graham's "Stay Above" Lyrics

Release Date and Credits for “Stay Above”

Date of ReleaseWriter(s)Producer(s)Album/EP
20th January, 2023 Lukas Forchhammer
Brandon Beal
Nina Nesbitt
Joe Kearns
Phil Cook
Joe Kearns
Phil Cook
“4 (The Pink Album)” (2023)
Stay Above

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