“Light My Love” by Greta Van Fleet

Greta Van Fleet usually deals with, shall we say esoteric subjects in their lyrics. But like any musical act worth its salt, they have to at least be able to drop the occasional love song here and there. 

However, considering that this is indeed Greta Van Fleet, of course such will not consist of a simple ‘I love you’. Rather what we would likely be dealing with instead is all types of high-powered metaphors to get the intended point across, which is exactly the type of scenario we are dealing with on the track “Light My Love”.

For instance, it doesn’t take rocket science to conclude, even from the early goings, that the vocalist is in love with the addressee. But rather than forthrightly proclaiming such, he instead invites her to ‘light his love’. 

And the reason we can conclude he is in love is because of the way he explains his feelings. For instance, he likens his inner yearnings, if you will, to “flames growing bright as the sun” and his feelings for her as being “deeper than oceans”. 

And it would appear that the addressee is someone he is now trying to get with, or that this is a budding romance at best.

Thesis Sentiment

And relatedly, as far as the thesis sentiment goes, that would be something the singer being enamored by the person he is singing about/to. But as implied above, nothing comes easy when you’re dealing with GVF. 

So in the chorus we have the vocalist likening the addressee’s inner being seemingly to eternity itself. Or let’s just say, in layman’s terms, that he’s totally fascinated by her.

But then the second verse features him speaking of “a grand revolution outlined”, and “hate bound by fear”. And in the grand scheme of the song, these statements come off sort of like WTF moments, as if the subject matter momentarily changes without any forewarning. 

However, it should be noted that all of the songs from “The Battle at Garden’s Gate” we have reviewed thus far feature some type of allusion to the world being a messed up place, for lack of a more-comprehensive explanation. 

So at this point, we can definitely say that whereas Josh Kiszka may not necessarily be a pessimist, he is the type of person who always has the worries of the world on his mind. 

Even Love can’t take away his Worries?

Indeed even when he is primarily preoccupied with amorous love, as he is now, he can’t help but to acknowledge emotions such as “hate” and “fear”. 

But alternatively, maybe what he is saying in terms of “hate bound by fear will unwind” is that he is in fact entering this relationship with related anxieties. However, as time progresses, he expects such concerns to dissipate. 

And likewise, “a grand revolution outlined” applies to his specific vision for he and the addressee to enjoy a spectacular future together. 

Indeed as implied at the end of the first verse, he is expecting this relationship, if it transpires, to mark a fresh moment in history as far as the parties involved are concerned.

“Light My Love” is a true love song

At the end of the day, this is in fact a love song. There is no doubt about that, even if it may deviate for a bar or two. And obviously the vocalist is not going to let anything stand in the way of him being with the addressee, whom he absolutely adores in true GVF fashion. 

In fact it would appear that the only thing which could possibly stand in his way is the feelings of the addressee herself, as in whether she wants to actually get with him or not. 

Or conclusively, the fact that he is asking her to ‘light his love’ in the first place would imply that she is someone he is now trying to get with.

lyrics for "Light My Love"

Writing Credits for “Light My Love”

The writers of this song are Sam, Jake and Josh Kiszka, alongside Danny Wagner. Fans of Greta Van Fleet would recognize those four individuals as the members of the band since 2012/2013 and still as at 16 April 2021, the date upon which this track was released. 

And this song is from the crew’s second album, which is entitled “The Battle at Garden’s Gate”, being a product of Lava Records and Republic Records.

Co-writer Greg Kurstin

And the other co-writer, as well as producer of the track, is Greg Kurstin. He’s one of those types of musicians that you probably never heard of, despite undoubtedly being graced by his work nonetheless. 

That is to say that he has backed just about every pop artist out there, and has the Grammys to prove it. But to date, despite having worked with countless big names, what he is perhaps best known for is being the producer behind Adele’s “Hello” (2015) as well as the album it is featured on, the highly-successful “25”. 

Both of those efforts earned Kurstin Grammy Awards. Other big names Kurstin has worked with include:

  • Sia
  • Kylie Minogue
  • Paul McCartney
  • Britney Spears
  • Pink
"Light My Love"

“The Battle at Garden’s Gate”

“The Battle at Garden’s Gate” is GVF’s second full-length project. It produced a total of four singles (which are listed below):

5 Responses

  1. Laurent says:

    Interesting interpretation, thank you!

    But I think you completly pushed away the esotheric perspective of this song. This is why You do not understand the WTF moments of this song.

    This love song is not adressed to a specific person, but to humanity. GVF is reminding us of our spiritual beeing and how beautiful and powerful we are when we do not let fear take over.

    “Your mind is a stream of colors” our mind is pure light. Pure light going through a prisme becomes a stream of colors

    “Extending beyond the sky” our mind is powerful and infinite it is time to awake and recognize it

    This song reminds me the track “Beyond” from Daftpunk.

    The words light and love have a deeper meaning than the common way to use it.

  2. Joy Sherbert says:

    Absolutely amazing music! When I first heard them ,, I thought it was RUSH!

  3. Chrissy Gunter says:

    He mentioned once at a show it could represent the love from a Mother to her Child. Perhaps he is singing again from a perspective of hope to a future generation.

  4. Cal says:

    Ok so – great read. But I have to tell you that at one of his concerts – and I believe in an interview – the song was discussed in terms of a mother’s deep infinite love for her children, and he dedicated it to her. The symbol they chose for the song specifically for album artwork (as each song has a symbol) is the symbol for DNA, linked in a circle – infinity, no end, no limit.

    It’s a mother’s love.

  5. Cal says:

    So, Josh at a concert discussed the infinite depth of a mother’s love and dedicated the song to his mother. The symbol they chose to represent the song is the symbol for DNA linked in a circle – infinity, eternity. This song, I believe, is about the … endless, constant, deep infinite eternal pure love a mother has for her child

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