“Long Story Short” by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is an artist known for detailing her personal love life in a song or two. And when it became known that she dropped “Evermore” (a surprise-release album) for the most part analysts were expecting more of the same. However, Tay Tay went on to clarify that by contrast this is by and large a fictitious project. Yet there is one song, “Long Story Short”, which is believed by some to be autobiographical. This is an idea which, generally speaking, Taylor herself has refuted.

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But all things considered, Swifties are still convinced otherwise. And in putting all of the lyrical pieces together, the phase of Swift’s life which this song possibly alludes to has become quite evident to them. That would be 2016, when her highly-publicized beef with Kanye West (and by extension Kim Kardashian) was at its peak. This was during the same time she hooked up with MCU actor Tom Hiddleston. And basically she goes on to insinuate that doing so was a rebound maneuver. 

Within the context of the song, this can be interpreted as him being an immediate source of relief from the emotional stress she was enduring due to the aforementioned feud.  However, it has also been put forth that he was literally a rebound, i.e. the guy Swift dated right after she broke up with EDM artist Calvin Harris.

But more to the point of the song is that in the aftermath of that relationship she found someone new who, by all indications, is in fact that one. And of course that would be current beau, Joe Alwyn. In fact they had been together since she and Hiddleston broke up (also in 2016) and are still so as of the release of this song. And in looking at Taylor Swift’s relationship history, this is by far the longest romance she has ever been in.


So long story short, the singer’s life has changed since she started dated Joe Alwyn. For instance, if this song is to be taken as alluding to such, she now feels secure in the man she calls her own. And resultantly all of her romantic focus is on him and him only.

Writing and Release of “Long Story Short”

Taylor wrote ‘Long Story Short’ with the primary producer of “Evermore”, Aaron Dessner. As such Dessner produced the tune also.

Republic Records released this track as the 12th song on “Evermore” on the date of 11 December 2020.

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