Taylor Swift’s “Marjorie” Lyrics Meaning

Taylor Swift’s mother’s mother, Marjorie Finlay (1928-2003), was a professional singer in her own right. And it is she whom this song is named after and serves as a tribute to.  And lyrically, it is based on three concepts. One is the idea that Marjorie still visits Taylor from time-to-time, in a shall we say metaphysical sort of way. Secondly, much of the wording is derived from advice, i.e. words of wisdom, which Swift’s grandmother imparted onto her. And at least one phrase in the song, “what died didn’t stay dead”, fits into both of the above categories. Thirdly, with this being a tribute to a deceased person and all, the singer reveals, most explicitly in the bridge, that she does in fact miss her.

“Marjorie” is featured on Taylor’s “Evermore”, a project which RCA Records dropped in December 2020. In fact it is the 13th song on the album. And interesting to note is that the 13th song on the album Swift released prior to this one, “Folklore”, is a track entitled “Epiphany” which served as a tribute to her paternal granddad, Archie Dean Swift.

“Marjorie” actually features background vocals from Taylor’s late maternal grandmother as well as Justin Vernon of Bon Iver.

Taylor released a lyric video to Marjorie, which features old pics of her grandma.

Who Is Marjorie Finlay?

Marjorie Finlay was an American singer who also went on to become a television personality. She spent the earlier years of her life moving around quite a lot, partially due to her personal career and partially due to her marriage to one Robert Finlay (1920-2003), a military man. And in terms of her notoriety in contemporary times, she and her husband also happen to be the maternal grandparents of Taylor Swift, one of the most-successful pop singers of the early 21st century.

Marjorie’s maiden name is Moehlenkamp. She was primarily of German descent. And she actually experienced most of her professional success in Latin America. For instance, she was a popular television host in Puerto Rico and dropped her own album in Mexico.

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