“Lost Cause” by Billie Eilish

You know how sometimes they say a younger woman may prefer an older dude? That’s sorta how Billie Eilish comes off on “Lost Cause”, though she never says anything like that directly. Rather the focus is on the addressee, who is the vocalist’s current romantic interest. And as usual, Billie has an issue with romance. And this time around, to make a long story short, what it boils down to is her boyfriend being too immature.

For instance, he’s unemployed. Then what the singer initially interpreted as shyness on his part, she now understands as being more akin to ignorance. Moreover he does not know how to properly appreciate her, which is something she ‘wishes she didn’t’ care’ about yet does. 

And this is manifest not only in his tendency to ignore small showings of affection, such as the purchasing of flowers. But he also disappears “for hours” on end without her knowing his whereabouts. Additionally he’s the type of dude who thinks he’s an “outlaw”, i.e. a bada-s, even though he isn’t. And all things considered he has managed to turn the singer off without even trying.

He is a lost cause

Or more to the point, when Billie was observing him from the outside, she was convinced by his character that he was on top of his game. But now as an insider, she has come to realize that he is a work in progress. And she feels that she has already given him ample time to grow, but such simply isn’t transpiring. And ultimately, that is why she is referring to when she labels him a “lost cause”.  For not only does he have issues in terms of conducting himself like a mature partner, but also by the looks of things he is totally disinterested in confronting said issues.

So that’s why at the beginning we said that what Eilish, being 19 years old at the time, actually desires is an older dude. Well, maybe that was a bit of a stretch. But she is obviously speaking of a desire for someone who is more mature than her average male agemate – a guy who is not only serious about working but also adult enough to accept the challenge of self-improvement in the name of retaining his lady.

Lyrics of Billie Eilish's "Lost Cause"

Facts about “Lost Cause”

This track is the fourth single from Billie Eilish’s 2021 sophomore full-length, “Happier Than Ever”. The song itself was officially released on 2 June, via Darkroom Records and Interscope Records.

This is another Billie Eilish tune that was produced and co-written by her big bro, Finneas. And Billie herself also contributed to the writing of the piece.

And concerning its composition, Eilish went on to proclaim that ‘this is her favorite thing she’s ever created’. She is perhaps speaking of the whole process of issuing this song, as she is also the director of the Lost Cause music video.

Eilish first teased this tune on 1 June 2021, i.e. a day before its release.

Happier Than Ever

By the looks of things “Happier Than Ever” is shaping up to be yet another successful Billie Eilish album. And we’re making this presumption based on the fact that the three singles which have already been released from it – respectively My Future (2020), Therefore I Am (2020) and Your Power (2021) – have all made it onto the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 and UK Singles Chart.

But at the end of the day based on this trajectory, it may have a hard time besting the achievements of her debut studio album, “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go” (2019).  That undertaking proved to be one of the most-successful debut projects in history. It topped music charts pretty much across the board and ultimately resulted in the issuance of six different Grammy Awards.

Billie Eilish's Lost Cause

Billie Eilish

And even though, as noted earlier, Billie is only now about to drop her second album, she already personally boasts of seven Grammy Awards under her belt. This includes two that she won earlier in 2021:

It would appear that based on her actual romantic history, Billie Eilish does in fact prefer dating older males. For instance, when she was 16 years old she was seeing a guy in his early 20s, a rapper known as 7:AMP. And just a few weeks prior to the release of “Lost Cause” it had been reported that she’s going on with an actor named Matthew Vorce, who is concurrently 30 years old.

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