“Thank God” by Travis Scott (ft. KayCyy)

Perhaps the best way of describing this track (“Thank God”), as implied by its title, is as Travis Scott’s version of a praise song. As for as we know, tunes centered on biggin’ up the Most High aren’t his norm, and you can kinda tell that with “Thank God”, as it fails to stick to that standard throughout. 

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One possible theory as to why Scotty would be compelled to drop such a piece is due to having been humbled by 2021’s Astroworld disaster – which he spearheaded in a manner of speaking – and the backlash he dealt with as a result.

So the first verse reads more or less like a rap gospel. For instance, we have Travis shouting out the Most High for being faithful to “all His followers”. Furthermore, the rapper implies that he has been imbued with the Holy Spirit, which has him ‘feeling like he’s floating’. 

And the second verse starts off along a similar line, with Scott noting his relationship with God, as he concurrently resists the devil. However, therein he starts to deviate a bit, such as giving a shoutout to BMF, aka the Black Mafia Family, an infamous drug-trafficking crew from Detroit. But before the verse closes out he does once again turn his attention to the Most High, thanking Him for life basically.

Such a sentiment also commences the third verse. But before it concludes, the subject matter switches over to Scott more or less bragging about his lasting success and work ethic.  This includes Travis giving a shoutout to his daughter, five-year old Stormi Webster, who also provides a small lyrical contribution, with dad celebrating the fact that she’s “living major” despite still being “a minor”.

Meanwhile the chorus, as held down by KayCyy, is a bit more difficult to make sense out of. But to note, it does conclude with the singer ‘thanking God that he’s free tonight’.

“Goodbyes, that’s life
Fun times, for life
For life, from down my eyes
Thank God I’m free tonight (Let me in)

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