“Make it Rain” by Pop Smoke (ft. Rowdy Rebel)

“Make it rain” is an expression which was in fact made famous by hip-hop artists.  Traditionally it alludes to the idea of an individual spending large amounts of money.  But in this song, Pop Smoke and Rowdy Rebel seem to be alluding more to the notion of raining bullets on enemies. In fact the main theme which permeates throughout can be said to be centered on the rappers threatening their opps. 

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And subthemes would be their interactions with women and, to a lesser extent, their wealth. Indeed most notably, Pop Smoke dubs himself “a blue devil” and compares himself to “Hugh Hefner”, of Playboy fame, in the chorus. The former expression is apparently meant to hint that he was affiliated with the Crips street gang and indeed a wicked guy in his own right. And the latter is a metaphor for him having intimate access to various women

Quick Facts

“Make It Rain” marks the first song released by Pop Smoke since the rapper himself was shot dead in February of 2020. It is also his first collaboration with Rowdy Rebel.

Accordingly, this is the lead single from his first posthumous project, which is entitled “Forever Woo”.

Rowdy and Smoke penned “Make it Rain” alongside Yamaica (who produced it). The subsequently released it on June 12th, 2020.

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