“Snitching” by Pop Smoke (ft. Quavo & Future)

The intro of this “Snitching”, as well as its chorus, is seemingly based on Pop Smoke’s disdain for ‘snitches’, i.e. police informants. However, in their individual verses the rappers don’t actually harp on this topic. Rather for the most part, “Snitching” features the vocalists (Smoke, Quavo and Future), collectively bragging about their riches and violent lifestyles.

Facts about “Snitching”

Pop Smoke has worked with Quavo on other tracks prior to and concurrently with the release on “Snitching”, which came out on 3 July 2020. However, this marks his first collaboration ever with Future.

Buddah Bless and SethInTheKitchen produced this track. And they also assisted in its penning alongside Future, Quavo and Smoke.

“Snitching” can be found on Smoke’s maiden posthumous album. Said album, which is titled “Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon”, had 50 Cent as its executive producer. And it is one of three tracks on the album which features the Migos’ Quavo.

Was “Snitching” released as a single?

No. The aforementioned posthumous project was supported by only one single release. And said single, which is titled “Make it Rain“, came out on June 12th, 2020.

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