“MAMA” by 6ix9ine (featuring Kanye West and Nicki Minaj)

“MAMA” is a song by hip-hop star Tekashi 6ix9ine featuring even more-prominent superstars Kanye West and Nicki Minaj. This is the first time these three rap artists collaborated on a single track.

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The chorus, by Tekashi, is about a female.  In it he brags about how physically attractive she is and how obsessed she is with him.

Verse 1 (Tekashi)

Here Tekashi expounds more on the woman he seems to be talking about in the chorus, and it’s unclear whether he’s speaking of her in a positive or negative light.  For instance he does compliment her looks – for instance by calling her “thick”. However, he also insinuates that some of her body parts are fake. He further goes on to state that she’s a drug dealer, and despite the fact that he enjoys being intimate with her,  he’s not overly committed to the relationship.

Verse 2 (Kanye West)

Kanye’s verse starts along the same vein, talking about a woman who is “Instagram famous” yet money-oriented, superficial and of questionable intelligence. Later in the verse, he deviates from the subject of talking about the female in question and instead starts bragging about his own financial and professional success.

Bridge 1 (Nicki Minaj)

At first Nicki plays along the theme of a worldly female by stating that Kanye dresses her “like a doll”.  Then she goes on to take a more hardcore-rap tone by stating how she, Yeezy and 6ix9ine make up a “dream team”.

Verse 3 (Nicki Minaj)

In keeping with the general themes of the track, Nicki’s verse is primarily about sex and materialism. For instance, she brags that she never had to sleep with a “rap producer” in order to become an A-list entertainer. According to her, if she did, she would write a book about it and in the process make more money. Then, among other things, she states how her flashy financial success is an inspiration to other females. She concludes with a line about a rival trying to slander her name, but the negativity ultimately backfires.

Bridge 2 (Nicki Minaj)

The second bridge is nearly identical to the first, only this time, Nicki gives a shoutout to someone called “Fif”. This is most likely a reference to a close friend of Drake’s (a close professional associate of Nicki) who was murdered in 2017.

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