“Gooba” by Tekashi 6ix9ine

“Gooba” features the type of braggadocio that Tekashi 6ix9ine is known for. The lyrics in and of themselves aren’t particularly exceptional in that regard. But rather the real reason “Gooba” is making headline is because its content is historical. Or more to the point, this is the first track the infamous rapper has dropped since being arrested in 2018. In fact at the time of the release of this song, he is actually under house arrest. And the reason he was able to get out in less than two years’ times is because he testified against his co-defendants. This of course led to many people labeling him a ‘snitch’ or a ‘rat’ (an idea he actually mocked in the music video), i.e. an individual who tells on his own homeys. So more or less it can be said that such accusations are the underlying subtheme of the song.

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In other words yes, he is bragging. And also he is threatening to shoot his opps. This may sound like an unusual disposition for someone to take right after humbling his way out of jail. But such is exactly the point. Tekashi doesn’t give a f and wants the world to know it.  So on top of reminding everyone that he is rich and on top of his game, he is also calling out specific haters. No, he doesn’t actually namedrop these individuals, but he might as well.  Indeed the way he goes about conducting himself, to some extent cursing any and everyone who had something negative to say about his trial, can potentially attract even more enemies than he already has. Or stated otherwise he is laughing in the faces of those who are publicly “mad” at him. And his rationale is his belief that the reason they are really upset with him is because he’s “back”, as in regaining his status in the music industry, indeed in all honesty even exceeding the popularity he possessed prior to being knocked.


So conclusively, people who were already familiar with 6ix9ine’s lifestyle knew this is exactly the kind of track he would drop once he got the opportunity to do so. Indeed the title of this song reads as if it is a satirical misspelling of the word “goober”, which alludes to someone, in this case the artist himself, being foolish. Or stated differently, he is acknowledging and in fact celebrating his own foolishness. And for better or worse now he is indeed back and, as stated, one of the most-influential voices in hip-hop.

Facts about “Gooba”

“Gooba” was written exclusively by Tekashi 6ix9ine. And the track’s producers are Jahnei Clarke and Payday.

Tekashi also directed the music video to the song, alongside other artists named CanonF8 and David Wept.

This track was officially released by ScumGang Records on 8 May 2020.

The release of “Gooba” was accompanied by on an Instagram-hosted livestream which attracted in excess of 2,000,000 viewers.

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