“YAYA” by 6ix9ine

On “YAYA”, 6ix9ine is addressing a romantic interest. And basically what he is entreating her to do is dance for him in a sensual manner. Moreover he makes it clear that this is someone whom he admires due to her beauty as well as her lovemaking skills. And the way the term yaya reads is as if it is a generic exclamation of excitement on the part of the narrator.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for 6ix9ine's YAYA at Lyrics.org.

Yaya, which officially came out on 3 July 2020, marks the third track Tekashi 6ix9ine has issued since being released from prison in April of 2020. The other two singles are “Trollz” and “Gooba“. He began teasing the track, via Instagram, in late June. And amidst announcing it he also let it be known that “Yaya” is one of his favorites and marks the last song/ music video he is forced to record while simultaneously being under house arrest.

“Yaya” is expected to be featured on 6ix9ine’s 2020 studio album, which will be his second.

6ix9ine wrote this song alongside the following:

  • J Boom Boom
  • BF
  • DJ Luian
  • Weezy Kingz
  • Xavier Semper

Its producers, Ramoon and Ransom Beatz, are also credited writers.

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