“Bozo” by Armoo & 6ix9ine

“Bozo” is the title of a 2018 collaboration between American rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine and German rapper Armoo.  Although it is speculated that the title of this track (“Bozoo”) is a humorous reference to 6ix9ine’s multi-colored hair, the lyrics of the song are anything but childish.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Armoo's Bozo at Lyrics.org.

Throughout “Bozoo”,  6ix9ine and Armoo brag about the strength of their respective crews, especially how violent and well-armed they are. The song also expresses a very-strong sentiment emanating from the artists that if they initiate an unsuccessful attack on one of their rival, instead of letting accepting failure they will go the extra mile to ensure the enemy is dead.

As with most other rap tunes released by popular artists, Tekashi and Armoo also make sure to dedicate a few bars to their ability to amass wealth and glorify drug abuse, which in the case of this specific track being drunk off of Hennessy.

The song’s title appears to have been derived from the word “bozo”.

What’s the meaning of “Bozo”?

A stupid or useless person (usually a man) is referred to as a bozo.

Who is Armoo?

Armoo is a German rapper who began his career in the entertainment industry as a YouTuber. However, he was forced to abandon YouTube after Armoo he started receiving a ton of hatred. Armoo’s real name is Robin Basak Arayan. He released his first rap track “Louis Vuitton” in Dutch.


Rapper Armoo

Quick Facts about “Bozoo”

  • It was written by 6ix9ine, Armoo and Monsif.
  • Monsif produced “Bozoo”.
  • “Bozoo” marks the first time the trio (6ix9ine, Armoo and Monsif) are working with one another.
  • This track is Armoo’s first hip hop song in English.

Is the song’s title in reference to the fictional clown character Bozo the Clown?

It’s likely it might. 6ix9ine’s very colorful hair has often seen him being compared to Bozo the Clown.

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