“Many Men” by 50 Cent

The full title of this song is actually “Many Men (Wish Death)”. And accordingly it is based on the idea that certain individuals want 50 Cent dead. This assertion is based on a real-life experience in which the rapper survived an assassination attempt. Indeed said event is reenacted in the intro to the song. And with the main storyline being once again themed on the idea that certain people want him dead, there are also two subthemes. 

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First is that, if someone approaches him the wrong way, Fif has no issues with resorting to the gat and defending himself in the most ruthless manner. And secondly, he considers the fact that he survived the aforementioned assassination attempt, as well as other major obstacles life has presented him, as a sign of divine favor. Indeed he notes that less than a month after he was shot, the same guy who shot him was actually murdered and basically attributes his fate to karma. 

So conclusively, although this track is very violent in nature it has also proven to be one of 50 Cent’s deepest songs lyrically. And in it he is celebrating the fact that he is indeed alive, well and even prospering despite the fact that a lot of people “wish death upon” him.

“Many, many, many, many men
Wish death ‘pon me”

Facts about “Many Men”

The director to the music video to this song is a filmographer by the name of Jesse Terrero.

It features the following actors:

  • Mekhi Phifer
  • Adam Rodriguez
  • Gabriel Casseus
  • Tommy Lister

It also features 50 Cent’s G-Unit partners Young Buck and Lloyd Banks.

In addition to 50 Cent, two others receive writing credits on “Many Men”. They are Luis Resto and Digga (both of whom produced the song alongside Eminem).

Who Shot 50 Cent?

The infamous shooting of 50 Cent, which took place in May 2000, was organized by an individual named Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff. This is according to someone who testified against McGriff in 2005. He said that Supreme organized the hit alongside two associates. One of them, as in the man who actually pulled the trigger, is popularly known as “Hommo”. However, “Hommo” is actually a bit of a misspelling of his street name. For his nickname was actually “Homo”, as in short for “Homicide”.

Allegedly the reason Supreme ordered the hit on 50 Cent in the first place was because 50 namedropped him, in reference to his criminal activities, on a track he dropped in 2000 entitled “Ghetto Qu’ran”. Basically some people accused Fif of being a snitch for referring the likes of Supreme and others in such a manner on that song. Indeed it is further speculated that this same track actually got Jay Master Jay, of Run DMC fame, murdered in 2002. That is to say that some powerful individuals had decided to blacklist 50 Cent from the music industry as a result of “Ghetto Qu’ran”. And allegedly Jam Master Jay ignored this issuance.

It should be noted that as of 2007, Supreme is serving a life sentence in prison. And as “Many Men” states, Hommo himself was murdered some three weeks after shooting 50 Cent. But his killing had nothing to do with the 50 Cent incident.

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  1. Is a kanto (up coming rapa) says:

    My bigest rapa 50 cent have said it alread, that what goes around come around

  2. Is a kanto (up coming rapa) says:

    To be greedy and keep hating someone is not good

  3. Golden Rule says:

    Treat each other with the respect that the person deserves. (The Golden Rule).

  4. MUSA says:

    I LOVE 50cent

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