“Window Shopper” by 50 Cent

On the lyrics of “Window Shopper”, 50 Cent is doing nothing but mocking his rivals. And what he is telling them is that they are ‘window shoppers’. Or stated differently, they are relegated to going to the jewelry store or car dealership and fantasizing about the items on display, whereas Fif is actually able to afford them. So on top of throwing this idea in their face he also lets it be known that, if any of them do in fact try to test him, he carries a fully-loaded firearm – which he isn’t shy about using – inside his expensive car.  Moreover the second verse is primarily based on his bedroom interactions with women in California. And said storyline is also to illustrate another enviable aspect of his lifestyle.

So conclusively “Window Shopper” is purely braggadocious in nature. But thematically, it is not centered on the rapper (50 Cent) himself. Rather it focuses on his rivals who cannot afford the same lifestyle that his immense fortune allows him to.

Facts about “Window Shopper”

“Window Shopper” is one of 50 Cent’s classics from his musical heyday. For instance, it charted in a dozen nations overall, including making an appearance on both the Hot 100 as well as the UK Singles charts.

This song samples a 1973 Bob Marley and The Wailers track. Said track is entitled “Burnin’ and Lootin’”. Owing to this, in addition to 50, the legendary Bob Marley is one of the song’s credited songwriters.

On the music video to “Window Shopper”, 50 Cent features other rap music stars such as the following:

  • Ma$e
  • M.O.P.
  • Mobb Deep
  • 50’s G-Unit cohorts

On November 6th, 2006, 50’s own G-Unit Records alongside Interscope released this as a single.

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