“The Stealer” by THE BOYZ

‘The Stealer’ is a delightful experience that speaks of THE BOYZ’ desire to capture your heart. Judging from their popularity, they might have just done that. The video filled to the brim with a wonderful compilation of slick dance moves. The various THE BOYZ members move and groove against the backdrop of impressive sets. These are accentuated by the vibrant colors on display. The flamboyance of the piece is enhanced by the general richness of the choreography and well-edited camera moves. 

The technical aspects of the video add more juice to the meaning of the song. THE BOYZ are expressing their desire to win the affections of people. However, they are also difficult to get a hold of due to their elusive nature. This thief-like nature makes them all the more desirable.   

‘The Stealer’ was released by K-Pop boyband THE BOYZ on September the 21st of 2020. It appears on the group’s Chase project.

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