“Breaking Dawn” by THE BOYZ

Whenever we’re interpreting songs from half way around the world, there is always the risk of some meanings getting lost in translation. This is not only due to dissimilar cultural lingos/understandings but also the fact that we’re dealing with languages that are themselves vastly different from English in and of themselves. 

But as the media always says, the world is gradually becoming more and more globalized. And at the end of the day the sentiment being expressed in “Breaking Dawn” is one which is kinda common across the board in the music industry these days. And that is it being centered on the hope of the narrator(s). Or rather let’s say the narrator’s expectation of overcoming a depression he is suffering from.

The Break of Dawn

In other words the concept of “breaking dawn”, as used in this song, is an allegory for relief from a lingering, negative mindstate/disposition/feeling. Conversely the “dark night” is symbolic of the latter. Thus the onset of a new day, once again from a symbolic standpoint, represents a breaking of said night, i.e. the singer once again besting the aforementioned negativity.

And in terms of said negativity, it actually reads more as if he is suffering from fear and its associated confusion more so than depression in general. Furthermore, it can be said that he has been cast into such an unfavorable state in lieu of failures of the past. 

So in further explaining the “breaking dawn”, even more than it being a release from such it also serves as an encouragement for him to press forward bravely and in a constructive manner. Or as expressed in the final passage, to him this moment represents newfound, exuberant hope.

All in all

And going back to the music industry at large, fans of South Korean acts will recognize narratives like the one above as being part and parcel of modern K-pop. These artists normally harp on themes of self-edification, i.e. besting some type of adverse situation or condition, in an inspirational sort of way. And such is the matter at hand with “Breaking Dawn”. 

Yes, in terms of his present state, the singer is messed up from an internal/emotional standpoint. But the bright side is that he is also very confident that his victory over this melancholy is imminent.

Facts about “Breaking Dawn” and The Boyz

This is the title track and lead single from The Boyz’ first studio album presented primarily in Japanese. The project itself consists of seven tracks besides this one.

Breaking Dawn

As their name suggests, The Boyz are indeed a boy band. They hail from South Korea and have officially been around since 2017. Their debut studio album, “Reveal”, came out in February of 2020. They have also come out with a number of EPs between 2017 and 2020. And as for the last time the crew released a project in Japanese, that would be their 2019 EP Tattoo.

As of the release of this particular track on 24 February 2021, The Boyz are 11 members’ deep. And for the record, their concurrent membership consists of Eric, Hyunjae, Jacob, Ju Haknyeon, Juyeon, New, Q, Sangyeon, Sunwoo, Younghoon and Kevin (the only member of the crew to have his own Wikipedia page at the time).

Originally The Boyz were a 12-man crew. However, one of their members, Hwall, retired from the band in 2019 due to health issued (though he subsequently embarked on an acting career).

Along with the release of this track also came an accompanying music video.

The label behind this song is Ariola Japan, which is one of Sony Music Japan’s subsidiaries.

The executive producer of this song is reportedly a musician from Finland named Karri. And others artist involved include Takey and Daniel Kim.


The singer may be in a state of utter depression at this particular moment. However, the pending “breaking dawn” represents his relief from this crippling gloom.

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