“Die for You” by Joji

The addressee of “Die for You”, in this case, is the vocalist’s ex. And what he is letting her know, most plainly put, is that he still has feelings for her. This is despite the fact that Joji has made concrete efforts to get over her, such as “burning photos” which presumably had the addressee in it. 

To be honest, this song is a bit odd in that the vocalist has received report that his ex is doing quite well without him, i.e. alongside her new boo. But – let’s say unconventionally, given the thesis sentiment of this track – Joji actually proceeds to wish her the very best in that regard.

Such a disposition is further indicative of the fact that, as alluded to in the first verse, he is trying his best to take a mature approach in terms of accepting the reality that they have broken up. Perhaps relatedly, that is why he does not express an overt desire to get back with her. But still, the thesis sentiment revolves around Joji reminding homegirl that he loves her so much that he would give his life for hers.

Lyrics to Joji's "Die for You"

Release Date

Joji’s third studio album, “Smithereens”, was released through 88rising, in conjunction with Warner Records, on 4 November 2022. Along with it came “Die for You” as part of the nine-track standard playlist.

Also to note, this song itself was issued as a single on the same day as the album.

“Die for You” Credits

This is a song that Joji wrote with the following songwriters:

  • J. Que
  • Dewain Whitmore
  • Wes Singerman
  • Jacob Ray
  • Tay Dex

Additionally, the last three artists on that list are the ones who produced this track. 

Die for You

Words From Fans

This track has been called “surreal” by fans as it creates an out-of-world experience whenever one listens to it. The song’s vibe has been a mixture of Joji’s past songs, yet still offers something new to the table, something that keeps his fans hooked.

Joji’s songs has not only helped his fans through difficult times, but also made them treasure the beautiful moments too. And “Die for You” is no exception.

“Die for You” has also given one fan peace. According to his fan, hearing this song now makes him go through a catharsis. You may call it perfect timing, but listening to this song now when they have fixed themselves has made them feel lucky.

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