Meaning of “Bellyache” by Billie Eilish

“Bellyache” is the title of a 2017 song by American singer Billie Eilish. In “Bellyache”, the narrator (Billie) sings from the point of view of a dangerous psychopath. She has committed a very heinous crime (apparently a murder) and regrets what she did. She ends up taking her life at the end of the day.

What Billie Eilish has said about “Bellyache” Speaking with LadyGunn magazine, Billie said of the song as purely about someone who has committed murder. She further stated that the lyrics are about doing bad things and not even knowing why you did those terrible things.

Billie Eilish explains the meaning of "Bellyache"

Based on the above statement, we can conclude that the character in the song committed the murder and didn’t even know why she did it.

In another interview with Noisey-Vice, Billie revealed more about the song. According to her, the lyrics deal with the “concept of guilt”. They are about doing something terrible you initially felt strongly about. However, after doing that thing, you find yourself not feeling better. And that’s when the bellyache sets in.

Billie concluded that the song is about a psychopath regretting that he/she is a psychopath. However, they don’t really care about being a psychopath.


The song’s inspiration

According to Billie, this song was inspired by the 2013 song “Garbage” by Tyler, The Creator. The aforementioned track also deals with the theme of murder.


Facts about “Bellyache”

  • Billie Eilish co-wrote “Bellyache” with her brother, Finneas O’Connell. The latter went on to produce this macabre-themed song.
  • The release date of “Bellyache” was February 24, 2017. It was released as the second single from Billie’s debut EP titled Don’t Smile at Me. The aforementioned EP also features the famous single “Idontwannabeyouanymore”.
  • Billie was only just 15 years of age when this song was released.

How did this single perform on the charts?

“Bellyache” entered the top 100 in Canada and a few other countries. In Sweden, for example, it peaked at number 6. On the US Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles, it made it to number 12.

28 Responses

  1. Silvia ? says:

    I like this song idk why. Even tho it’s weird and creepy, I like it?

  2. lil.billieee says:


  3. Shahad says:

    This is kinda sad even though she’s a psychopath
    She can’t understand why and doesn’t care either

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love her and her song one of my fav from her is Xanny but she makes it based on real-life which I LOVEE thank you, Billie parent, for making her.

  5. F life says:

    this song’s meaning to me is about my dysmorphia because i always feel hungry

  6. Anonymous says:

    this is a shock! i thought is was about something else!!! BUT I STILL LOVE HER AND THIS SONG!!!!!!1

  7. Sparkleee says:

    I just finished listening to it and it sounds nice. PS luv u Billie

  8. Nope? says:

    Billie eilish,,,, we love her… Doesn’t matter she’s a psychopath or what

  9. Cat loverrrr says:

    I love billie even though I’m not allowed to listen to all of her songs (I’m a teenager with a very strict mom) and she is such an inspiration ❤️ I love to write songs and if I ever get one published I will definitely thank Billie ?

    • Abigail says:

      Awwww. Sorry about that.
      I’m sure you’ll definitely achieve your dreams someday soon?
      Billie blew up because of a song she made with her brother. She didn’t even intend to blow up. It was so random.
      You can do it!?

  10. The voice lover says:

    I love this song, check out the voice with Justin singing it, it is AMAZING ? Billie Eilish if your reading this check it out

  11. Taku says:

    Song has a thought I appreciate

  12. jann maeji says:

    I am so happy that I have the same interpretation of this song (same as what billie stated)

  13. the bad guy says:

    this is a great song! the visuals are so impressive and billie is effortless as usual. stan her so much

  14. Trisha says:

    They say this song is flat out about murder but i could care less. i love this song!

  15. Hera Atan says:

    I love this song I’m starting to like Billie Eilish because I didn’t listen to her for a long time.The last song I listen to was bad guy a long time ago.

  16. DarkMindPrincessDolly says:

    “My V is for vendetta, thought that I’d feel better, but now I’ve got a bellyache”. I had my own particular interpretation for this lyric, no one else seems to have said this. But I thought V- as in virginity ‘v-card’. Vendetta, being to seek vengeance, (yes, I am aware ‘V is for vendetta’ is a film and phrase) I thought revenge rape, or maybe even consensual sex with murder victims family member. In which the character thinks they will feel better about the murder after, but doesn’t. Also, not sure how common this is, but at least for me getting a bellyache after loosing ones virginity is a thing.

  17. Jaylen:) says:

    I so agree with you DarkMindPrincessDolly I thought the same thing! Also Billie, if your reading this I so appreciate the songs you make they really inspire me to try to do things people thought that women couldn’t do!!! I might even try to become president!

  18. Billie’s the best says:

    Bellyache is one of my favs by her (other than my boy and wish you were gay). I’m surprised that that’s what the song’s meaning is! I still love it either way. I listen to her so much my friends think I’m super weird. Anybody else have that issue? I’m a bit obsessed…

  19. isa says:

    This song really f–ks me up and I don’t even know why. It makes me so so emotional

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