Meaning of “Right Foot Creep” by YoungBoy Never Broke Again

As presented in the chorus of “Right Foot Creep”, what the title of this song alludes to, most concisely put, is sneaking or ‘creeping’ up on an enemy and gunning him down. NBA YoungBoy proceeds to delineate some very basic instructions in terms of pulling off such an act. 

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But more to the conclusively point is the vocalist letting his opps and rivals know that he is indeed living that life, as a forewarning not to rub him the wrong way.

Gunplay is a topic that rappers such as Never Broke Again tend to touch upon on virtually every track they drop, even if the piece is about a different subject in general. But as far as this particular track goes, the vocalist does a sound job of sticking to the main theme throughout. And that would be YoungBoy presenting himself as someone who has no qualms about resorting to the gat, if he perceives a need to do so. 

Put simply, if anyone wants smoke with NBA, then his response would likely entail actual gun smoke. Therefore, his enemies and haters should think twice before taking it there.

“I said right foot creep, ooh, I’m walking with that heater
Look around, stay low, make sure they don’t see you
Catch ’em bad, walk down, face ’em with that heater
The devil under your feet, you’re on your way to see him (Let’s go)
Stretch me one, I can’t sleep, bang out when I see you
Play with me, you can’t sleep, we gunnin’ to decease you
You won’t have no case, rearrange your shape soon as they face you
You won’t have no space, we in your section ’til we spray you”

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    This was good information. I never knew this. I thought the song right foot creep was a clean song.

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