Meaning of “Omertà” by Drake

First off it should be noted that the word “omertà” is actually a term derived from the mafia’s ideology of remaining silent when questioned concerning criminal activity. And secondly, it should perhaps also be mentioned that Drake dropped this track in recognition of the Toronto Raptors’ winning the NBA Championship. However, as the title suggests, this song has nothing to with the Raptors or even really basketball for that matter, though Drizzy does namedrop NBA greats “Bronny” (Lebron James) and (Michael) “Jordan” in reference to how badass he is, with the rapper’s overall superiority being the main theme of this song.

“Omertà” consists of one-continuous verse which reads like a freestyle. And since, once again, it is centered on Drake’s dominance, the primary topics are his extravagant wealth, propensity towards physical violence and to a lesser extent exploitation of women. So all things considered, it more or less reads like most of his other songs – an ode to money, violence and women, albeit with impressive lyricism.

However what is causing this track to standout is the fact that the rapper sounds really-personal when threatening a specific person(s). And in that regard, fandom has for the most part concluded that he is addressing Pusha T, a fellow rapper who recently dissed him. The logic by which they have come to this realization is Drake stating that the person he is addressing launched an offensive against him “last year” in which they “told on” Drizzy. Well he and Pusha went through a well-publicized beef in 2018 in which T made fun of him for trying to conceal  getting a certain woman pregnant. In other words, Pusha apparently did not live by the code of omertà, having revealed the secret of a peer.  So, fans are anticipating that this song in particular may have reignited that feud.

Release Date of “Omertà”

“Omertà” is part of the project The Best in the World Pack. This project, which contains just two songs, was dropped by Drizzy to celebrate (his hometown) Toronto Raptors’ victory in the NBA Finals on 14 June 2019. The track themselves were released the following day by Young Money Entertainment, Cash Money Records and Republic Records. “Money in the Grave” is the other song on the project.

Drake had help writing this song in the form of Boi-1da and the track’s producers, Deats, E.Y and OZ.

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