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Frozen Light

Meaning of “Frozen Light” by Greta Van Fleet

The titular “frozen light”, as depicted, serves the purpose of ‘guiding’ the vocalist and his brethren “the long way home”. We will take it that the “four brothers searching for a meal” mentioned in the...

The Falling Sky

“The Falling Sky” by Greta Van Fleet

On 27 June 2023, “The Falling Sky” became the fourth single released from Greta Van Fleet’s 2023 studio album, “Starcatcher”. This song was written by the members of the band, who are as follows: Additional writing credit...

Holy Water

“Holy Water” by Brett Eldredge

To begin with, it must be stated that Brett Eldredge’s “Holy Water” is a love song. And the song’s main motif is centered around the vocalist proclaiming that the addressee, his romantic interest, is...