Melanie Martinez’s “Nurse’s Office” Lyrics Meaning

Melanie Martinez’s “Nurse’s Office” is premised on the idea of the singer being a victim of bullying at her school. And there seems to be two ways in which she ends up in the office of the nurse, which in this case would be the station of the school nurse. One is through actual physical confrontation with these bullies. But more along the lines of the overall theme of the track, she sometimes feigns illness just to have an excuse to go to the nurse’s office and get away from her tormentors. 

Indeed she is hoping that her façade is believable enough for the nurse to give her a “pink slip of permission”, as in an official notice stating she should be allowed to stay home from school due to medical reasons.

So overall, this is a song which takes a somewhat-comedic approach to a serious subject matter. Indeed Martinez is known to be a real-life victim of school bullying. So perhaps dropping this track proved to be therapeutic to her. Moreover, it is probably meant to bring awareness to the fact that this is more or less what a number of children go through on a daily basis.

Lyrics of "Nurse's Office"

Tease and Release of “Nurse’s Office”

Melanie Martinez first teased this song by releasing a snippet of it on 17 June 2019 during the MTV Movie Awards. The tune was released by Atlantic Records on 6 September 2019 as part of Melanie Martinez’s album, “K-12”. The song “Wheels on the Bus” also appears on “K-12”. “K-12” is Martinez’s second studio album. She co-wrote all the 13 tracks on this album.

Writing Credits

Songwriter/producer Michael Keenan wrote and produced “Nurse’s Office”, with the other co-write being Melanie Martinez. And just like Martinez, Keenan also contributed writing to all the tracks on Martinez’s “K-12” album. Furthermore, he produced the entire album along with Kinetics & One Love.

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