“High School Sweethearts” by Melanie Martinez

The overall project upon which “High School Sweethearts” is featured is based on the theme of Melanie Martinez still being in school. And in this track, the singer is addressing her sweethearts in high school, as in male suitors who come her way as a student of the titular institution. 

And basically, what she is telling them is not to be a “a waste of (her) time”.  That is to say that they should not even approach her unless they are ready for a long-term commitment, as in marriage. Moreover, they must be prepared to genuinely display love throughout. And if a guy deceives her into believing that he is so just to achieve his own aims, she will “rip (his) [expletive] face apart”. Simply put, she’ll seek retribution at full force if deceived.

Lyrics of "High School Sweethearts" lyrics

Did Melanie Martinez write “High School Sweethearts”?

Yes, she did. However, Melanie didn’t compose the song all by herself. She received writing assistance from songwriter Michael Keenan (who is also credited as the tune’s producer).

Release Date

On September 6, 2019, Atlantic Records released “High School Sweethearts”. It can be found on Martinez’s sophomore studio album (“K-12”).  In addition to this song, other well known songs from “K-12” include:

Did Melanie Martinez release “High School Sweethearts” as a single?

No. Her “K-12” album wasn’t supported by any singles.

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