“Monster in Me” by Little Mix

As the title implies, “Monster in Me” is about the disagreeable side of the singer’s character. Her lover is also of a like personality, so they quarrel on a nightly basis.  However these unhealthy traits are also prominent factors that keep their romance alive and vibrant.  Indeed despite their regular disputes, the physical intimacy they share is sheer ecstasy for the singer.  They also have a strong love of and dependency on each other.  Thus even if she did decide to relinquish the relationship, she is ultimately powerless to do so.

Lyrics of "Monster in Me"

Facts about “Monster in Me”

  • Despite being a song recorded and performed by Little Mix, none of the group’s members wrote “Monster in Me”. The song was penned by English singer-songwriter Camille Purcell (also called Kamille) and four other songwriters. The others are: Anya Jones, Linus Nordstrom, Frank Nobel and Chris Loco.
  • Production was handled by Matt Rad, Goldfingers and Chris Loco. The song’s co-writer Kamille also handled additional production.
  • November 16, 2018 was the release date of “Monster in Me”.
  • This song is the fifth track on the album LM5. That album also happens to be Little Mix’s fifth studio album.


Is this Kamille’s first collaboration with this girl group?

No. Both Kamille and Little Mix had worked together on multiple occasions prior to “Monster in Me”.


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