“More Than Words” by Little Mix (featuring Kamille)

“More Than Words” is a 2018 song by the British girlband Little Mix. Multiple award-winning British singer Kamille features on this tune.

The lyrics of “More Than Words” are about assuring a special person in your life that you are always going to be there for them. It doesn’t matter how stormy or calm the weather is, you will always be there for them because they have always been there for you too. Owing to how important this person is in your life, you need them more than you can ever say in words.

Listeners who have ever loved someone so deeply would definitely have very little problem identifying with the emotional lyrics of this track.

In summation, the song deals with the themes of true friendship, love and support.

More Than Words lyrics


Facts about “More Than Words”

  • Not even one member of Little Mix contributed to the penning of this anthem. However, interestingly, the song’s featured singer, Kamille receives songwriting credit on the track.
  • In addition to Kamille, five other songwriters contributed writing to this song. They include noted American record producer, rapper and songwriter Timbaland. The rest are Angel Lopez, Federico Vindver, Anya Jones and Larrance Dopson. The latter is best known for his membership o the American music production and songwriting group 1500 or Nothin’.
  • The production of “More Than Words” was handled by three of track’s co-writers (Timbaland, Vindver and Lopez).
  • This is the first time the Little Mix girls are working with Timbaland. Prior to this collaboration, the girls had stated on a number of occasions that working with Timbaland was something they were really looking forward to. So in all, this collab became a dream come true for them.
  • On November 16, 2018, this song was released all over the globe. It is the 11th track from the group’s fifth studio album titled LM5. That album produced the hit “Woman Like Me” featuring rapper Nicki Minaj.
  • According to Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall, “More Than Words” is one of her favorite tracks on LM5.

Is this Little Mix’s first time of teaming up with Kamille?

No. Kamille has worked with Little Mix a number of times in the past. Prior to this track, Kamille had co-written a number of big Little Mix songs. One such song is “Shout Out To My Ex”. In 2017,  this Kamille-penned track won Little Mix their first ever Brit Awards. That said, it’s noteworthy that this is the first time Kamille is featured as an artist on Little Mix song.

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  1. Lisa Contanciel says:

    I think “More than words” is deeper than this. The whole song is based on Kamille and the friendship the girls and her share. Here are some examples : “when the world tried to break us we found magic” it’s about Black Magic also wrote by Kamille which saved LM’songs career. There’s also “I’ll give my words to you” showing how helpful she is for the girls when they want to write about something but they “can’t find the words”. This song is really powerful

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