“Happiness” by Little Mix

British girl group, Little Mix, released “Happiness” in October of 2020 from their much-talked about studio album titled “Confetti”.

The song itself talks about how one is able to find joy in his/herself. In this track, the band argues that one does not necessarily need another person to be happy stating that “I found the love, I found the love in me”. One can also argue that this song came about after the narrator was betrayed by someone she really trusted and thought was the right person to make her happy. This, she explains, has changed after she let go off this supposed loved one and began paying attention to herself. She sends a word of warning to her former lover that he shouldn’t return and take her back to her old days, and expresses her excitement about her new state and vows not to lose herself again.

Did Little Mix write “Happiness”?

“Happiness” was composed by a songwriting team made up of six writers. None of the members of Little Mix was part of the team. Members of the aforementioned team are as follows:

  • Tom Barnes
  • Maegan Cottone
  • Pete Kelleher
  • MNEK
  • Ben Kohn

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